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Traitements de fenêtre guide d'achat

Vous avez décidé de vos fenêtres doivent couvrir, mais vous n'êtes pas sûr de ce genre de rideaux d'achat? Déterminer quel type de rideaux d'achat ne devrais pas être compliqué et tout il ya beaucoup de tissus à choisir.
Choisir les meilleurs traitements de la fenêtre de votre chambre est principalement basée sur la fonction, l'apparence et le design.

Plus de détails

Window Treatment Function:

Do you want to add some style to your room while you still want to let in natural light?  Are you looking for a heavy drape so your voyeuristic neighbors cannot spy on you?  Or are you looking for something casual that merely filters light but isn’ t so gosh darn heavy looking?  These are just a few questions you should consider when you’ ve decided that your windows need covering.

If you have an east or south facing window that gets early morning light, you may want to get a heavier curtain to block the light, while rooms that have little natural light would be best served with a lighter fabric to allow sunlight in.  Blackout curtains are thicker than regular curtains they not only reduce light that comes into the room but also help with noise reduction.  They also come with liners which make them energy efficient to retain warm or cool air throughout the year – a definite money saver on both heating and air conditioning.  If you are looking to maintain your privacy but also want to allow for some light to come through, then consider a sheer window treatment. Keep in mind though that while sheer curtains and draperies may afford a bit of daytime privacy, however at night most will turn practically transparent with indoor lighting

Window Treatment Style, Fabric and Appearance:

Style is the fun part of window treatments. Draperies have options in rod styles with tab tops, tie tops, many types of pleats, grommets, rod pockets (large or small), flouncy tops, or plain rings. Grommets or tab tops provide a casual, chic hipster look while tie tops add an interesting aesthetic.  A pole top drape is a simple unassuming look that works in any setting.

Drapery style is also where you can choose fabrics, colors, and fashion that will add to the beauty and enjoyment of your room. Choose a fabric that speaks to you, and which will also compliment the theme of the room you are going to be using them in.  Add interest to windows by repeating fabrics and colors used in other parts of your room. Or, add a dash of style with embroidery, patterns or textures.

  • A satin, silky or jacquard type drape has a formal look and complements traditional designs especially well.
  • A simple, matte textured drape whether polyester, cotton or cotton blend tend to be far more casual. If you’ re looking for a low key, almost artsy look, a simple unlined white or ivory drape works with almost any color palate.  
  • Sheers allow light in, tend to provide a light airy feel but provide privacy they also look nice behind heavier window treatments or on their own. Sheers provide an important possibility for those on the lookout for a simple, almost minimalist, chic effect. Sheer curtains also pair well with existing window treatments like blinds or roman shades
  • Velvet or microfiber curtains add richness and texture to the room while providing the simple function of blocking out light.

Curtain Fabric
  • While cotton is known for strength and easy care the down side is that this fabric wrinkles easily and can shrink or stretch.  Additionally, cotton tends to be weakened by sunlight.  
  • Linen is strong, but it wrinkles easily. It's also expensive, stiff and shrink-prone unless treated.
  • Avoid silk unless you're aware that the tradeoff for using this shiny, luxurious fabric is sun damage (threads rot), water spotting and high cost.
  • Consider rayon if you need a fabric that drapes well, but note that it will require careful handling because it creases easily and tends to shrink and stretch unless treated to resist those problems.
  • Look at acrylic blends, which can provide an appealing wooly texture. Acrylic tends to pill, but this may not be a problem in window treatments because there will be little abrasion in daily use.
  • Opt for polyester or polyester blends (often used with cotton) for an affordable, crease-resistant choice. Polyester curtains are strong and resist stretching, and they’ re usually easy to clean.
  • Choose nylon, often used in sheers, for its durability, washability and reasonable price.
Curtain Color

Depending on your room color and decor, choose curtains or drapes that keep your room relaxing and tranquil. Softer colors like blue, chocolate or burgundy give the room a splash of color without being too intense. If your room is neutral with colors that are cream, white or any earth-tone, add a curtain with a pattern to keep the room elegant but not busy. Examples of window treatment patterns are striped, damask, swirls or even floral. If the room already has busy patterns, such as on a comforter or rug, stick to a simpler pattern for the curtains.  If you’ re looking for a crisp, clean look and are working with a neutral color palate, window treatments in white or ivory families provide a fresh look.  If you like a neutral base but do want to add a bit more pizzazz into your space, fall colors such as taupes, golds, and sage can be serene while still adding color to your space.

A window fashion tip: buy lighter colors for a more energetic feel, or darker colors for a more relaxed, lounge kind of atmosphere


Editor’ s Thoughts:  If you’ re a stylish person on a budget who’ s looking for value and ease of care, go for something with simple elegance that is machine washable.

  • For a light, elegant look there are some fantastic polyester drapes that look like silks or voiles.  Yes, there have been significant improvements over the polyester from your grandmother’ s days.
  • Microsuedes are luxurious and are easy to care for.
  • Nylon drapes can also be a good bet.  There are some great nylon drapes that have an elegant organza look.

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